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Creating the artwork for the Peak 2015

I had the idea of doing something with a laughing character on the board. In the beginning I wanted to draw it and maybe use watercolors. But going with that idea didn’t really bring me to something that was satisfying. That’s when my girlfriend said why I didn’t look for old pics of myself as a kid instead of looking through the internet for inspiration. 

I went down to my parents’ room and took some pictures off the wall. Looking at these always makes me smile, way too funny.

Scan015781_001 Kopie

The next step was rethinking the way I would bring these pictures onto the board. Rather than drawing or painting them I thought I would like to try making stencils out of them and then spray them. As I am a fool with all these Creative Suite programs my girl helped me and made templates out of the photos that I could cut out.


To cut out the pictures I used a scalpel from my mom. After cutting for some hours my fingers started to hurt, so I wrapped it in rubber band for a nice and soft grip.


Obviously, a lot of details were missing. In some pictures I decided to add clothes, or I had to draw legs that were missing on the original photo, or I simply had to find a way to cut out realistic shadows. It took some trial and error till I ended up with some decent stencils.


Now the boys that I sprayed went to Tarek, a very talented graphic designer in Munich. He then put them onto a board, added colors and played around.

First computer drafts


To check out how the board turned out in the end, go to



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