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Mag Mondays – The Debut Premieres



We’ve been working on this film for quite some time, so obviously, I was eagerly waiting for the premieres. Andy has never shown the film to any of us, he wanted us to watch it in the movie theater for the first time. And hell yeah, that was worth it.

We arrived in Cologne at the UNIT Parktech office to run through the interviews we would do before the film started. It was nicely arranged with a leather couch, Matt Crowhurst and Clint Liddy as speakers, a little bit of beer. It was so impressive to see all the people lining up to catch a seat. As far as I know 450 people, sold out.

I was pretty nervous. Of course, I knew what Andy and I have filmed. Well, kind of. We started to film in 2012 and I was done shooting all my riding exactly a year ago, so that has been quite some time. I wasn’t sure if I’d be happy with my riding after a year has passed and I was anxious to see how Andy has put it together. Everyone who has ever been out with a friend filming something, evaluating the footage, and then seeing the final edit knows what I’m talking about. With the big difference that this is not just an online clip you’ve put together in a day or maybe a week. It is the continuation of what Chris Grüner started with Ticket, Statement and Impact.

Andy kept telling us that he doesn’t like the film, that it isn’t good. To me it seemed like he would try to lower our expectations. No doubt he was nervous. He felt the pressure of all those people expecting to be blown away. Not even the sponsors have seen the film.

When the curtain rose Andy threw us right into the film. Not a long intro of sunset pictures with the sponsor logos in it. It was an intro very different to what you’re used to from wakeboard films. I was so stoked to really see that I had the first part. He told me, but with him you never know.

And then, it went by so quick. Amazing riding of the other riders, filmed and edited with such a perfection. A great soundtrack. Applause for many scenes within the film, and standing ovation when the credits ran down. Incredible.


The second premiere I’ve been to was in Felix’s and my home region. Smaller, but at least as important as that was where we live. Again, a sold out cinema made me really thankful for all these people to show interest in what we have been working on. There was a little issue with the sound, it stuttered at a few points in the beginning. I was so worried it would keep on doing so and that people would be too annoyed to enjoy the film. But it didn’t, and they really liked it, too.

Of course, the afterpartys were great. Felix lost his bet not to drink during the Lenten period. I can only remember that Daniel, Manu and I had a Jägermeister or two too much at the first party and that the sound at the second party was amazing.


But it was obvious to me that I would have to rewatch it. This is actually something fascinating Andy has achieved. The film is not something you watch once and then know everything that has happened. It does not only live by the level of riding in it, but by the emotion that captures the spectator. It seized me with the beauty of the images, every shot like a photo. Whenever I watch it again I discover something new, and I understand why which shot is at what point of the film. So I can’t wait to come to Russia for some more premieres and then get the steel box with the BluRay in it.


I hope that everyone who reads this has the chance to go to one of the premieres or already has been. If not, make sure to get the DVD / BluRay. And then get it online too at the end of June.


For the love.

The Debut Premiere

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