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Mag Mondays – Felix Georgii

Felix is one of the sickest riders out there, super technical on rails and really creative. He lives not even 3 minutes from my home and we  spend a lot of time together, at home in Allgäu as well as somewhere in the world. Here is some questions from friend to friend.


Felix spray Projects

You dislocated your shoulder in practice for WtL last week, how did you do since then?

My shoulder still hurts, and I have to wear this big sling, so I can´t do to much right now. Thats why I´m online all day long.


It happened the fourth time now and you are thinking about getting surgery. How long would recovery take and what are your plans for the rest of the year then?

The recovery takes three to four month for me to be back on the water. So I might go somewhere warm afterwards, to film with Andy for the Debut and hopefully have at least a couple good days on the board this season.


What about CheerwithAndyandFelix?;)

Pssssst! That´s still secret…

(Oh yeah Nico, can Andy and I borrow your camera in fall?


Since last year You’re working for Sesitec. How is that for you? How is workshop life? What is the funniest story from there?

Working for Sesitec is awesome, I work 80 hours a month so i have enough time for all wakeboard contests and shootings I planned for the season. Workshop life is most of the time a lot of fun with all my colleagues, but sometimes you rather would be at a cable park somewhere in the world and wakeboard. There are way to many funny stories from the workshop, but I would say the best time is when we all have barbecue and some beers together after work. (Thats where the funny stories happen)


What are your plans for the future concerning working?

Definitely working together with Sesitec, and be part of the Family. It´s perfect for me how it is right now to have the possibility, work while i´m at home and go wakeboarding and travel the world as well.


You had a girlfriend in January. For two weeks. How was that?;)

She was a nice girl, but she wasn’t the right one. So i´m still searching…


Out of your last ten Facebook and what’s app conversations, how many of them are girls?

Hahaha, ähm a couple.


You woke me up in Hamburg with a surprise, that was a funny story…

Yeah, we were in Hamburg for the Red Bull Rising High secret session to try out this big Kicker with landing. Unfortunately I dislocated my shoulder a week before that so I couldn´t ride. So my job in that whole week was going out every night. I took my job really serious and did that. One night I was in a bar and met this german raper which nobody knows but he showed me a song from his album and I was stoked (I was super drunk). So I decided to take him to the hotel and let him rap for you, because everyone knows- Nico loves German hip hop. We got to the hotel room and I woke you up and said “Hey I brought you a surprise.” You put on his glasses and saw that guy. So I just said to this rapper dude “Now, start rapping”. Haha I fell asleep and can’t remember him rapping.


Felix Portrait

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