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Mag Mondays – 13 Words

For the first Mag Mondays here is an interview that UNION did with me. it was a tough one, but it probably helped me find out some more about myself. Check out the original here!



Is probably the best thing that happened to wakeboarding in the last years. I am really proud of my dad who has the best cable company, Sesitec. Cable brings wakeboarding to so many people and made obstacle riding what it is today. And I am pretty sure it will play an important role forming wakeboarding in the years to come.


Is actually the wrong word here. There are almost no obstacles that would be worth of being called a rail. But we’re getting there, people like Raph, Henshaw or Shredtown show where obstacles have to get to. With wake parks and UNIT they become accessible to so many riders that the only direction this can develop to is the right one.


Is losing a lot of attraction right now. Personally, I love the feeling of landing a nice Front to blind tailgrab. But on the other hand I never really cared about stepping up my air trick game. You can get so much more creative on obstacles. But if by Flatwater you are talking about the first lap on perfect glass in the morning, damn, that is one of the best feelings in the world! (either/or, Nico)


Through all the travels I have been lucky enough to do I really learnt to appreciate Germany. It simply feels good to come back home. We have great food (from ourselves and everything we get from abroad is very good, too), we are advanced in things like mobility and sciences, and we are pretty much leading in environmental awareness. Germans are reliable, but maybe a little too distanced sometimes. I have true friends here, and family. I love the Allgäu, the region in the Alps where I am from, and think I will always call it home.


Is such a great place to be at. Aussie mentality is awesome, I loved how all the people seem to care about making sure that whatever they do is joyful. Maybe thats something I miss in Germany, that too many have forgotten to do things for the fun of them. I really wanna come back and see more of the country, enjoy some more surfing, meet some more inspiring and great people, and party with them!


Is sooo difficult. You fall so much, and even if you landed a trick once that doesn’t mean you will fall the next hundred tries. So I really have lot of respect for what these guys can do. And unlike wakeboarding, there is not a lot of things they do that are not legit. I can’t wait to see what will go down on the wakeskate tour this year!


Well, it is why I am doing this interview, right? I love it. It has formed my life. I have made it my job, what a great thing to call your passion your profession! I am really happy to have snowboarding back home to always keep wakeboarding attractive to me as well.
One of the best things is to see when someone rides for the first time and you see that glint in his eye. The same glint that comes with the good feeling from a newly landed trick, from a spray in the corner or from a session with your friends.


Living life to the fullest is what you should always do, but I guess you might never live as active as when you’re young. I love being young, there is so much to do, so many opportunities. These also mean that there are a lot of decisions to make, small ones as well as the ones that might form the rest of your life.

Old Age

From time to time I think about how it will be when I’m old. How I will be. And I look forward to it, because I will always try to keep youth in myself and enjoy what I will be doing. Possibly on a complete different level, with other or more solid opinions, thoughts and beliefs, built up on experience and wisdom.


There are opportunities every single day. We always have the choice to make the best out of our current situation
I am really thankful for all the opportunities I had through wakeboarding


I don’t really know any poems, but one that I do know is about change. Nothing lasts forever, so we should never be too bound to one thing, we should always look forward to what comes next and what change brings. The last verse translated goes like this: “Courage, my heart, take leave and fare thee well!”


Beginnings are beautiful and exciting. Or scary. I think I am pretty positive, so either way I try to make the best out of it. Sometimes it is even cooler if you start something new that is scary in the beginning, when you don’t know what to expect, but it turns out great after all.
Beginnings can be really hard too, there is many things I would like to start with but keep pushing back. Keep trying to motivate oneself then, I guess;)


If it is sad one there will be a new beginning to get happy again. If it comes to an happy ending, there will be a new chance to go through another even more exciting story. I believe even after death this will go on. So there’s nothing to really worry about!

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